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FAQ 1. Why Bitcoin? We use Bitcoin as it safeguards not only us but the customer as well. We've over 10 years experience in supplying ED medication online. Despite popular belief MasterCard and Visa are not big fans of the online pharmacy therefore it is very hard to secure merchant services. Some of the people that do offer these merchant services are normally scammers who either charge huge processing costs or in the horror stories we've heard steal customers money. Our customers are the most important thing to us therefore we think Bitcoin safeguards them and their hard earned money. The fact that Bitcoin is anonymous also means there are no hard to answer questions and red faces when the wife opens the joint bank statement. 2. Are your products genuine? At Kamagra For Bitcoin we use extremely reputable suppliers and ONLY offer GENUINE products. The internet is awash with fake Viagra/Cialis from China. We will NEVER sell these items as they do not work and in extreme cases they can be dangerous. By purchasing from us you will only ever get genuine Ajanta Pharma products. 3. Do you have a phone number? We do not have a phone number due to the confidential nature of this website. We do however have an excellent custom service team who are happy to answer all emails promptly and within a GUARANTEED 24 hour period. 4. Can I collect my order or can it be sent via courier? All orders are dispatched using Royal Mail in the UK. We have found this to be the fastest and most cost effective service for our customers. 5. When will my order be delivered? We aim to have all orders dispatched on the day of order if ordered before 2pm UK time. Any orders placed after this time will be despatched next day. All orders have a tracking number so you will be able to track progress from the moment your order arrives at the post office. 6. Can Kamagra etc be taken whilst taking other medication? This is the responsibility of the patient and their GP. 7. Are your products safe to use? All products sold by Kamagra For Bitcoin are manufactured by World famous companies such as Ajanta Pharma. These products are produced under strict clinical conditions and are completely safe. The products we stock are well known around the world. Should you have any other queries please do not hesitate to contact us. We are here and happy to help. Day or night.

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